is a solo project by Roberto Galati

I play slow, psychedelic, ambient music

Synthesizers, guitars, basses and a violin are my means of expression

I like the icy wastelands of Ambient music and the abstractions of Post-Rock

l describe myself and my life through a ​​​​flux of sounds, a reserve of memories and emotions

My aim is to combine sounds, words and images

CD's :
Fragility ​release date 1st June 2019 by Databloem
Silence (as a din) release date 25th March 2018 by Databloem
Penombra (GALATIMOSCONI) release date 18th September 2017 by KrysaliSound
​​Gletscher ​​release date 17th June 2015 by Tranquillo / Psyconavigation Records 
Mother release date 16th May 2014 by Psyconavigation Records
Godhavn ​release date 2nd December 2013 by Psyconavigation Records

Compilations :
The song Mother appears in Polar Twist a compilation included in issue 17 of Fear Drop magazine, Arctic Antifona (Imaginary Ice Soundscapes), with unreleased tracks by Thomas Köner, Final (J.K. Broadrick), COH, Jana Winderen, Netherworld, Marc Namblard, Harpagès, Halspirit, Aidan Baker; Winter 2014

Netlabel releases :
Wide Open Spaces (2013) Sirona Records, Floe Edge (2012) Treetrunk Records, Wistful, introspective home-recorded bedroom space rock music (2006) Benekkea net/rec label release

Self-released :
1989-1997, Outside (1998), Snowscape (2000), Inside (2003), Where the light stops (2004), Dreamtime (2005), White (2006), When you reach the cliffs enter the sea (2007), In a summer sea-dream haze (2009), Fire (2010)