Galati is the moniker of Roberto Galati, a multi-instrumentalist whose musical focus centers on exploring the nuanced sounds of the electric guitar. 

In addition to guitars, he employs other instruments such as basses, synthesizers, and a violin to enrich his compositions with diverse textures and shades.

Hailing from Italy and growing up between Padua and Trieste, he developed his musical sensibilities amidst the rugged terrain of the Karst Plateau. 

His artistic journey, spanning over more than fifteen years, draws inspiration from the icy expanses of Ambient and the abstractions of Post-Rock. 

Galati's discography, or rather, his flux of sounds, is rich and diverse, comprising numerous solo releases and collaborative projects with fellow musicians. 

As a traveler captivated by the allure of isolated and lonely places, Galati documents his experiences in his Travel Journals, a reserve of memories and emotions.

Galati, a meticulous observer, seeks the authentic and profound aspects of the planet and translates his impressions into a fusion of sounds, words, and images. 

The Karst Plateau, with its icy air, limestone landscapes, caves, and sinkholes, serves as a foundational backdrop for his musical expression. 

Creative inspiration for Galati is deeply influenced by the frozen landscapes he portrays, marked by their expansive clarity, serene stillness, gentle silence, and profound emptiness. 

His compositions echo a timeless truth – the deep connection between humanity and nature. His melodies offer a subtle invitation to pause, listen, and embrace the beauty that surrounds. Rather than suppressing Nature's melody, humanity has the potential to enhance its resonance. The symbiotic relationship with the natural world should invite the global community to amplify its inherent beauty and foster a profound connection that extends beyond mere dominance. The majesty of the Earth is more than a spectacle; it embodies a sacred trust, a profound commitment that nowadays is slipping through the grasp of the human race. 

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Gain further insights in the monograph published on Ondarock 

Cold As A February Sky release date May 10th, 2024 by Glacial Movements
Divide  (galati | mosconi) release date March 16th, 2023 by ROHS! Records
Alps release date November 23rd, 2022 by Databloem
Oneiric release date June 3rd, 2022 by Midira Records 
Dissolve (GALATIMOSCONI) release date November 25th, 2019 by ROHS! (Lontano series)
Fragility  release date June 7th, 2019 by Databloem
Silence (as a din) release date March 25th, 2018 by Databloem
Penombra (GALATIMOSCONI) release date September 18th, 2017 by KrysaliSound
Gletscher  release date 17th June 2015 by Tranquillo / Psyconavigation
Mother release date 16th May 2014 by Psyconavigation Records
Godhavn  release date 2nd December 2013 by Psyconavigation Records

Compilations :

The song Mother appears in Polar Twist, a compilation included in issue 17 of Fear Drop magazine, Arctic Antifona (Imaginary Ice Soundscapes), with unreleased tracks by Thomas Köner, Final (J.K. Broadrick), COH, Jana Winderen, Netherworld, Marc Namblard, Harpagès, Halspirit, Aidan Baker; Winter 2014

Netlabel releases: Wide Open Spaces (2013) Sirona Records, Floe Edge (2012) Treetrunk Records, Wistful, introspective home-recorded bedroom space rock music (2006) Benekkea net/rec label release

Self-released :
1989-1997, Outside (1998), Snowscape (2000), Inside (2003), Where the light stops (2004), Dreamtime (2005), White (2006), When you reach the cliffs enter the sea (2007), In a summer sea-dream haze (2009), Fire (2010)