Galati - Cold as a February sky 

1. Sidereal distances [05:30]
2. As still as these high mountains [06:24] 
3. that day exploded silently all around me [06:02]
4. with wide, unbelieving eyes [06:16]

5. it was so bright, it was almost blinding [04:33] 
6. gazing up to the mountain tops [05:52] 
7. if there is a spell that we should not break [07:04]
8. through the white [06:52]

Release date May 10th, 2024 Glacial Movements 

CD album - Digital album available here

All tracks composed, mixed and created by Roberto Galati
Mastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri at Black Knoll Studio (NY)
Artwork by Lia Bosch
Sleeve design by Rutger Zuydervelt

Thanks to Alessandro Tedeschi  

SentireAscoltare "A meditation on the majesty of nature and the urgent need to preserve it from humanity's blind destructive fury" / "...una meditazione sulla maestosità della natura e la necessità urgente di preservarla dalla cieca furia distruttrice dell’umanità” 

Rockerilla 525, maggio 2024 "...immense depth of a sound to immerse in, emerging dazed by beauty" / "…immensa profondità di un suono nel quale immergersi per risalire frastornati di bellezza" 

Igloo Magazine | Luminous DashLittle universe music | | Solénopole | OndaRock | Radioaktiv | Radioaktiv chart #65 (maggio 2024)


Staalplaat Radio | Concertzender - DreamScenes - April 2024 | Loud Radio 18.04.2024 | Radio Città Aperta Alternitalia 26.04.2024 | Radio Città Aperta Puzzle 29.04.2024| Fango Radio 18.04.2024 | E-Lodie | Concertzender X-Rated 12.05.2024 | Star's End 12.05.2024 | Concertzender X-Rated 19.05.2024 | - Novinky na alternativní scéně - 12.05.2024 | Solénoïde-Solénosphère 30 

Premiere Inverted Audio "...This is a pristine piece of dark ambient, meticulously carved into the permafrost!"


Gazing up at the mountain tops is like delving right into the secrets of the gods. Ridges, snowy peaks, rocky folds; perfection lies in the shapes of these endless stone formations, natural pyramids, sculptures. "The beauty of the world" I think, as I briefly immerse myself in this magnificence. Landscapes that seem to suggest nothing more perfect, grander, or more boundless exists; landscapes that unveil divine intangibility and human mortality. Suspended landscapes, crafted from rarefied air, ice, and vertical rock shining bright in snowy white. My gaze lingers upon the deep valleys carved by glaciers, where the wind furiously blows, and the cold inhibits almost all life forms. 

These mountains bear witness to the passing millennia, the long course of geological events, the sounds of glaciations that come and go, shaping valleys and slopes. 

Perhaps the Earth speaks in frequencies so abyssally low that it would take millennia of listening and sidereal distances to perceive its voice. Nature, divinely immense, embraces me; and I am part of Her.

This profound connection served as the inspiration for my latest musical creation, 'Cold as a February Sky,' where the frosty echoes of a winter landscape intertwine and weave within the musical tapestry. Much like the month itself carries a chill that permeates the air and paints the world in an icy hue, the album seeks to summon the wintry essence and contemplative depth reminiscent of a cold February sky. It evokes the undisturbed stillness and profound void that echo through frozen landscapes, aiming to induce reflection on the fragility of this planet. The once eternal and sacred balance of these landscapes falters. I wonder if there's a spell we shouldn't break, as the delicate threads of existence unravel in the hands of time, and the weight of our choices reverberates through the corridors of eternity.

We are not mere witnesses to Earth's majesty but keepers of its delicate beauty.