Self Releases

These were my first fluxes of sounds, my initial reserve of memories and emotions  

Northern Lights  2011

Northern Lights    [04:38]
Hold your breath (in a black hole)    [05:18]

Seeds of light appear at extreme latitudes of the world, among drifting icebergs and blue puffs of the rippled sea, in total darkness; a silent, elusive, subtle halo, hanging in the sky. Intermittent, hovering.  

Fire  29/10/2010

Within    [04:44]
Fire    [04:52]
Blank stares    [04:40]
Gentle as the rain    [04:42]
All around    [08:19]
Silver    [06:21]
Midnight star    [02:56]
No more    [14:05]

In a summer sea-dream haze  24/05/2009

Sleep Paralysis    [02:42]
Love is the key    [03:58]
Moorland    [03:59]
I think about the time    [03:31]
Everything isn't  [03:47] the universe    [04:20]
Feels like I'm breaking up inside    [05:21]
Desire    [03:57]
Astonishment    [04:27]
Slow-wave sleep    [05:49]

When you reach the cliffs enter the sea  September 2007

Where am I ?    [04:03]
100 Years    [05:02]
Cloudburst    [03:11]
Where only seagulls fly    [02:40]
Winter all around    [05:06]
The sun    [04:01]
Frozen with snow    [02:54]
Brighter    [03:09]
Cruel n.2    [04:32]
When you reach the cliffs enter the sea    [04:26]

Anaesthetized emotions
Weakness and strength 

White  19/03/2006 

Velvet gun    [03:28]
Strong embrace    [02:55]
On    [03:00]
Life    [03:39]
Diamond & pearls    [02:58]
Dagger    [03:28]
Heaven    [04:20]
White blossoms    [03:05]
Instrumental    [03:19]
Gypsy moth    [04:34]
...    [02:11]

Review on Erba della Strega

Dreamtime  2005

Steal my thoughts    [03:56]
A fine day    [03:28]
Moonlight through the rain    [02:31]
Emptying my ruined shell    [04:29]
For ever more    [03:11]
Eyes gazed in marvel (a dream)    [03:31]
Beauty of a woman    [03:06]
Too cold to talk    [06:19]
Mountain lake (2005)    [03:22]
Wall    [03:30]
Summer dreams    [03:16]
                                                      Jazzy rousing mood    [03:30]
                                                      Light    [04:01]
                                                      What I feel is real    [04:00]
                                                      Dreamtime    [04:19]

Dreamtime is a collection of soundtrack-ish songs. Wistful, introspective home-recorded bedroom space rock music

Review on Erba della Strega

Where the light stops  2004

Sweeter songs    [03:03]
Deepest sea    [03:39]
Where the light stops    [03:41]
Watch the stars    [03:35]
The ship song    [03:23]
the 26th    [03:09]
Springtime    [03:14]
Dreams    [04:26]

The search for song format keeps on with Where the light stops. All songs are connected together in order to create a single mood. Both in Inside and in Where the light stops I talk about my life. Stella lent her precious voice on a couple of songs. 

Erba della Strega

Inside  2003

Why do you ask?    [02:56]
Start anew    [03:11]
Blush as flames    [03:43]
I miss you    [03:22]
26    [03:24]
Ever since that day    [04:07]
Cuthead    [02:15]
Those days will never end    [03:58]
On the beach...    [05:21]
Why do you ask? (2004)    [03:11]

Compared to the music I did in the past, the music in Inside is more ‘song format’
In Inside I began to play my 'flame' guitar (a beautiful gift...)
Fabio plays guitars on 'On the beach...'.
Max plays guitars and bass on 'Why do you ask' 2004 

Erba della Strega

Snowscape  2000

Few days in Norway    [03:57]
Mountain lake    [03:26]
Sea breeze    [03:47]
Waterfront I    [03:00]
Childhood perfume    [05:50]
Fall alone    [02:07]
Fade away    [04:45]
Snowscape    [03:03]
The passage    [02:38]
Snowfall    [05:12]
Mask    [03:36]
                                                      Breath so deep    [04:10]
                                                      Waterfront II    [01:51]
                                                      Drowning in the ocean    [11:20]
                                                      White (outtake)    [04:00]
                                                      Empty (outtake)    [03:28]
                                                      Breath so deep (alt version)    [07:18]

Snowscape is the description of a winter landscape, of a far-off northern land. At the time I was fascinated by experimenting the deconstruction of the song format. I played synth, vocal and some ethnic instruments. Max, a good friend of mine, added bass guitar and vocals.

(In Godhavn I I used sounds from Drowning in the ocean).

Outside  1998

I [12:08]
II [17:18]
III [11:16]

Industrial/Ambient music. In 2004 I overdubbed guitars and keyboards over final mixes. 

Listen to it

1989 - 1997

I [3:37]
II [2:41]
III [4:00]
IV [4:12]
V [3:26]
VI [2:49]
VII [15:27]
Circle [2:22]

Sounds that come from my childhood / early adolescence. Music that date back to before the birth of the Galati project.
Recordings were made on tape, I transferred them on computer and I clean them.
In VII there are guitar overdubs.