Floe Edge

Floe Edge I    [14:42]
Floe Edge II    [12:16]
Floe Edge III    [08:50]
Floe Edge IV    [06:45]
Floe Edge V    [24:18]

Released by Treetrunk in December 2012
Download it [treetrunk 251]

Fear Drop #17 "...Floe Edge s'entend comme un dernier chant des glaces, le rève d'une voix prisonnière des parois de banquise, selon une pulsation et un flux qui serait propre à une telle créature..”
Denis Boyer, Fear Drop #17 Arctic Antiphon - L'imaginaire musical des glaces - Imaginary Ice Sounscapes

Across five tracks, my endeavor was to capture the sights and sounds  encountered during my treks through the frozen landscapes and quaint villages of Greenland, one of the few remaining pristine places on our planet. I sought to depict two distinct facets of this captivating land.
In "Floe Edge II, III, and IV," my intention was to evoke a sense of luminosity, solemnity, and spirituality. These pieces aim to convey the awe-inspiring brightness that pervades the landscape, inviting contemplation and a deep connection with the natural world.
On the other hand, "Floe Edge I and V" delve into a darker realm, portraying the gloom, desolation, and expanses of Arctic ice shrouded in fog. Through these compositions, I aimed to capture the reverential fear evoked by the majestic forces of nature and the profound sense of loss in the face of its formidable beauty.

Winter 2012