Floe Edge

Floe Edge I    [14:42]
Floe Edge II    [12:16]
Floe Edge III    [08:50]
Floe Edge IV    [06:45]
Floe Edge V    [24:18]

Released by Treetrunk in December 2012
Download it [treetrunk 251]

Fear Drop #17 "...Floe Edge s'entend comme un dernier chant des glaces, le rève d'une voix prisonnière des parois de banquise, selon une pulsation et un flux qui serait propre à une telle créature..”
Denis Boyer, Fear Drop #17 Arctic Antiphon - L'imaginaire musical des glaces - Imaginary Ice Sounscapes

Across five tracks I tried to sum up the sights and sounds I experienced as I trekked through frozen landscapes and little villages in Greenland, one of the last unspoiled places on this planet. I tried to describe two different sides of that fascinating land. In Floe Edge II, III and IV I wanted to convey the feeling of brightness, of solemnity, of spirituality. Floe Edge I and V are gloomy, bleak, desolate, I wanted to describe the vast expanses of arctic ice covered with fog; the reverential fear toward the majesty of nature, the sense of loss in front of that frightful beauty.

Winter 2012