Godhavn I    [18:37]
Godhavn II    [17:04]
Godhavn III    [08:46]

Release date 2nd December 2013 Psyconavigation Records 
Four-panel digipak / digital album 

Mastered by Stefano Guzzetti

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Rockerilla "...with an instrumentation that seems borrowed from Steve Roach's Kiva, Galati played Godhavn, three long trips in the wildest Nature. Not just isolationist drone, but true symphonies of the unknown, in which the sounds of synthesizers create scenarios where epic voices, ethnic instruments and percussions appear as elements of an ancestral past that emerges from the mists of time”. Roberto Mandolini, Rockerilla 403, marzo 2014
Beachsloth.blogspot.ie "This is music for ominous night listening. With light banished to a far-away land this explores the darkest impulses and the pay-off is immense. Galati makes a truly creepy and honestly stunning atmosphere for Godhavn"
Fear Drop #17 "...à l'échelle de la glace et des poles, la recréation dans cette confrontation, d'un cosmos, et tant l'ampleur d'un Klaus Schulze que les circonvolutions de Troum reçoivent les reflets de leurs éclats dans cette épopée du drone lumineux", Denis Boyer, Fear Drop #17 Arctic Antiphon - L'imaginaire musical des glaces - Imaginary Ice Sounscapes

Godhavn is the continuation of a project focused on the description of a land that I deeply love, Greenland.
Floe Edge, published by Treetrunk , was the opening chapter.
In Greenland I knew a world without fences, authentic in all its parts, a glimpse of a primordial world that lives on in the past, in books, in fantasy. Its tangibility disorients and confuses, it's an illusion that takes shape.
My music aim at recreating the sound of ice melting quietly into the sea, when it reaches the end of its track, when it seems a precious crystal; it is delicate, mild, restful, charming.
The sound of big icebergs on the contrary is menacing, they lost in the water waiting to break and crumble. When this happens it’s shocking, the sound is like a thunder, deep and sinister. These huge creatures turn over in the water again and again and crumble into large fragments that raise high and dangerous waves. Sometimes you hear them roaring in every direction, in this space without dimensions.
At other times, there's no movement, but you can occasionally hear from the deep water a sharp blow, a piece of ice breaking.
Slipping into these icy waters ...
Silence is surreal, is like a large and totally white painting. There are hardly any sounds, when the large blocks of ice don't break. You can only hear the delicate dripping of water and the gentle hum of seagulls in the distance, almost suffocated by the absence of sounds.
The fog conceals the view, you can only see an expanse of soft and crumbly whiteness, on which stands out the more intense and solid white of the icebergs.
Is a place that compels you to observe it with deference; is solemn, almost supernatural.

Godhavn is dedicated to my Mother and to all those who have lost a loved one.