Mother I [19:54]
Mother II [21:35]
Mother III [12:35]
Mother IV  [10:55]
Mother V [10:44]

Release date 16th May 2014 Psyconavigation Records
Four-panel digipak / digital album 

Mastered by Stefano Guzzetti

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Tuning into the obscure
Music won't save you
Cyclic Defrost
Rockerilla "...Far from being reassuring, the five movements of Mother emphasize the aspect of the ecstatic music of Galati, always ready to photograph the impetus of the disruptive forces of Nature.Unleashed after twenty minutes of the stratospheric Mother II, the electrifying charge of Mother III overwhelms”. Roberto Mandolini, Rockerilla 406, june 2014
Indie Rock Mag
Beach Sloth
Chain D.L.K.

Following Godhavn, Mother is another chapter of my musical journey published by Psychonavigation Records.

Mother is a diary of a long trip, reporting my personal search for answers and for my own self. It's about letting go, leaving behind; it means gaining simplicity and innocence.
I've been observing a metamorphosis in myself, it started in Greenland, it continued during the winter months between 2012 and 2013, and went on to far-off lands of Tibet, in the shadow of Mount Everest, the Mother Goddess of the Universe.
The death of a parent is a destabilizing and strong event. It leads to confront with our own limitations, with our being mortal. It alters the perception of reality, our own world, our own beliefs, our own lives. You feel the fragility of human beings and your own. The sense of immortality, of invincibility, which characterizes us at a young age, is canceled.
Impermanence and transience are the weight and the torment that human beings have been carrying on their shoulders forever. The urge to express this inner and universal abyss has given birth to countless works of art.
Art tells the beauty, the mortality of human beings, highlights their imperfection, their limitations and describes their transience.
A torment that goes on from immemorial time and that will last forever, as long as there will be human beings and life.
I should take a look from above; a detached, aloof, unconditional view.
I wrote it as soon as I got back from my trip to Greenland, "my anthropocentric vision confuses and obscures. It's like seeing the world through a kaleidoscope. I perceive all the faces, all the nuances, but when I put them together, reality seems distorted, however fascinating. I can’t grasp it in its totality, I’m missing the big picture, I'd like to have an absolute, free and full view".
At the moment of the detachment it’s impossible to remain lucid. Eruptions occur; they come from your heart, from corners that you don’t even know. Eruptions that can’t be controlled. The strength and the power with which unexpectedly they arise, terrify me.
When I see a human being, I don’t think about the mystery that lies behind the meaning of life. I only see his simple gestures, I perceive the smallest things that may seem insignificant, harmless, even grotesque, awkward, funny, but that explain and tell about our existence.
How much life you can perceive during a celebration, at a party. You feel warmth, security, excitement. They are positive, pleasant and tangible feelings.
Death is confusing, frightening, it brings pain, suffering. It attaches to the deceased an unexpected role. Suddenly your loved one changes, she/he loses her/his characteristics and becomes more indefinite, indeterminate; she/he acquires depth. Smile turns into seriousness. Everything is incomprehensible, great and obscure.
The word 'impermanence' is the essence of everything. Nothing and no one remain forever, first of all ourselves and those around us, those we love.
This also applies to our Mother Earth. How many fragile places I've seen in my life, places that slowly will disappear.
Watching with my eyes the retreat of the glaciers has involved the development of a form of resignation and acceptance towards what I would generally call a change, an evolution.
Perhaps what we must learn to do is knowing how to appreciate all this, and be able to say:
"I had the honor of living next to that person"
"I had the good fortune to see this place with my own eyes"
It’s my duty not to waste anything; what I live, what I hear, what I see has to grow inside of me. And I have to pass it on.
If two eyes and a heart turn off, they must continue to speak through the eyes and the heart generated by them.
And similarly, the places I’ve seen, and whose beauty I was able to appreciate, must be told.