1. Qalerallit [13:58]
Hopar [08:43]
3. Gharesa [08:24]
4. Siachen I [06:18]
5. Kiattuut [05:23]
6. Qooqqup [06:51]
7. Rongbuk [07:57]
8. Siachen II [06:40]
9. Hispar (everlasting night) [08:04]
10. Godwin-Austen [08:27]  feat. Federico Mosconi
11. Shelkar Chorten  [19:06]  (only on cD version)

Release date 17th June 2015 Tranquillo / Psychonavigation  
Double CD in Digipack / Digital Album 

Mastered by Stefano Guzzetti 

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Music won't save you
Rockerilla :"Once opened the doors of perception, there is no journey that doesn't reveal to Roberto Galati the mysteries of nature. Epic" Roberto Mandolini, Rockerilla 421, september 2015
Chroniques | feardrop
Electronic Music Critic
Chain D.L.K.

Battiti – Lenti e lunghi - Radio 3 – RaiPlay Radio  
Concertzender - X-Rated (17 apr 2016)

In search of silence. Among the great glaciers of Pakistan, Tibet and Greenland.
Opalescent, vibrant, white, mottled ice. Ice in the soul, searing.
Thundering, unfathomable, eternal, velvety, vital silence.

During the night you can hear the harsh sound of seracs, the sound of the ice that cracks and shatters. It is the sound of thunder, but darker, more threatening. It comes from nothing and disappears into thin air.

It is a continuous presence, it is the fierce and ruthless language of Nature, it communicates authority, power, superiority, depth, royalty. I listen to it helpless and powerless, and I feel so vulnerable and fragile. My eyes and my ears see and hear forgotten and inaccessible forces.

Blue, white and gray blend with the wind and with the sound of the water.
I look around for the limit and beyond.
How much greatness for the eyes and soul of us humans.
It is an extreme nature; it is spectacular.
An earthquake, a tornado, an eruption of a volcano lead back to our fragile and transient essence.
These environments, these wide open spaces, suggest and instil the same fears raised by these cataclysms. The warning is the same, exposed in a less impetuous and violent way. The grandeur of these glaciers, the sound of seracs, of ice, of the dark, deep and cold waters, their constant presence weighs on the look and on the senses.

The body ceases to be confined in an immobile identity and becomes stone, water; it becomes animal or light, it becomes space, and it extends to the limits of the spectacle of nature. Consciousness is diluted in the great whole, the process of identification with the world is accelerated. That is the experience of pantheism, as the first men have experienced it.
The origin of religion is probably found in the existential feeling experienced in and before boundless nature.
In ancient times a spirit was assigned to every thing and to every living being. It wasn’t the land that belonged to Man, it was the man who belonged to Land.
As an alternative to temples, churches, monasteries, where to profess a creed, more than buildings built by humans, Nature itself was considered sacred, the highest expression of divine.

Alla Ricerca del Silenzio (in search of silence)