1. Pietre [06:00]
2. Eclissi
3. Nadir [04:51]
4. Opale [05:35]
5. Monolite [07:01] 
6. Basalto [05:24]
7. Ruggine [04:19]
8. Amen [05:03]

Release date september 18th, 2017 KrysaliSound 

Composed and recorded by Roberto Galati and Federico Mosconi
Album introduced and played in the KrysaliSound Live at Masada, Milan in April 2017
Recorded in Verona maintaining the live approach
Mastered by Francis M. Gri

Available in digital format and in KS Packaging Limited Edition
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Fluid Radio 
Beach Sloth 
Music won't save you
Merchants of air 


GALATIMOSCONI project is a collaboration between Roberto Galati and Federico Mosconi.
Despite the difference of their own musical styles, the two musicians created a common language starting from many points of conjunction.
The sounds flow as lava that the two musicians let cool down during their path; below them they added layers and created new textures through live electronics processes.
They followed their movement, holding sounds hanging in midair, vacillating and swaying, until their slow arrest, letting vanish the initial impression of inhospitality, replaced by visions of open scenarios.
Guitars used for the creation of the eight tracks have been transfigured into a generic instrument that it accumulates and it subtracts like a slow breath.
When the environment becomes hostile, men must struggle with nature for their survival; but, in the dim light, sheltered from everything, always watch at it with deference and wonder.

It has been a privilege playing with Federico Mosconi, a talented musician with a huge creativity, and I was very fortunate to know Francis M. Gri ..thanks for your huge support!