Wide Open Spaces

Within    [04:44]
Cloudburst    [03:05]
Northern lights    [04:38]
In the universe    [04:13]
Desire    [03:56]
Silver    [06:24]
Feels like I'm breaking up inside    [05:28]
Wide Open Spaces    [21:24]

Released by Sirona Records in March 2013
Download it [Siro590]

A collection of songs taken from my past self releases (period 2007-2011) that describes the Dolomites and the wide open spaces that I saw in Greenland, Norway, Island, Scotland, Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Russia, Siberia.
Soundtrack-like sounds made with acoustic and electric guitars, basses and synths, all passed through dozen of reverbs.
Wide Open Spaces is another chapter of a project focused on the description of far-off northern lands.