Wide Open Spaces

Within    [04:44]
Cloudburst    [03:05]
Northern lights    [04:38]
In the universe    [04:13]
Desire    [03:56]
Silver    [06:24]
Feels like I'm breaking up inside    [05:28]
Wide Open Spaces    [21:24]

Released by Sirona Records in March 2013
Download it [Siro590]

Wide Open Spaces is a collection of songs derived from my previous self-releases spanning the period of 2007-2011. This compilation serves as a musical reflection of the Dolomites as well as the expansive landscapes encountered during my travels across Greenland, Norway, Iceland, Scotland, Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Russia, and Siberia.
These tracks conjure a soundtrack-like ambiance, crafted through the interplay of acoustic and electric guitars, basses, and synths, meticulously passed through a myriad of reverberations.
Wide Open Spaces serves as another chapter in an ongoing project that centers around capturing the essence of remote and ethereal regions characterized by their vast expanses.